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I Fen Tung Li Mei-kuang Shoko Kashima Mandy Ming-yin YIM Doya Lim(David) Kimiyo Ogawa Bongho Kim Ming-Chu Yu
Eun Jeong Kim Changho Han Ritsuco Onozato Victor Choi-wo MA Celine Bacque Sung Wan Kim
Ru Hong Lin
Guest musicians in the performance
Guest Lighting Designer
Omar Ombre



Chiko Katsube (Japan)
She is a dance improviser, choreographer and a teacher from Osaka, Japan.
In 2000, she founded C.I.co., a Contact Improvisation Company. Since then she has been a leading figure in teaching, organizing and performing Contact Improvisation in Tokyo and through out Japan. Now she is creating and studying together improvisation dance with Shoko Kashima, to search and mix the Asian Culture in their dance improvisation through out the world. As the executive committee of CIFJ, she is organizing the contact improvisation festival Japan once in a year.


Shoko Kashima (Japan)

Shoko Kashima is a dance artist, photographer and teacher. 
She received her Master of Arts in Dance Education from Ochanomizu University
in Tokyo and founded the dance company ZINZOLIN in 1996. 
She was awarded a one year scholarship from the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists to study dance in New York in 2002. After returning to Japan in 2004, Shoko began working with Chico Katsube as a member - and now co-director of Contact Improvisation Group C.I.co. and CIFJ (Contact Improvisation Festival Japan). She has been teaching CI at kindergartens, elementary schools, universities, public theaters and museums in many places in Japan. She has had workshops with Chico Katsube in Korea, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Madagascar, Finland, and Switzerland.
She is a seed member of Asian Improvisation Art Exchange (Seoul, Korea), creating networks and researching improvisation among artists in Asia.
She moved her stronghold from Tokyo to Kagoshima with Chico Katsube in August, 2012.She is fabulously known as a photographer, and has a good feel for taking dance pictures.


Mei-kuang Li (Taiwan)
Mei Li is a Taiwan-born independent dance artist. She graduated from London Contemporary Dance School. She worked with Kirstie Simson to participate in the filming of International Documentary of Dance Improvisation and Dance Cambodia, and has been invited to perform in numerous festivals such as Colorado Dance Festival, Hong Kong E-Side Arts Festival, Contact Improvisation Festival Japan and Asian Improvisation Art Exchange. She has also been invited to various artist residency programs, such as International Dance Day (India),Cite Internationale des art (Paris), Kio-A-Thau Artist-in-Residence, (Taiwan), and Taipei Public Arts Festival.

Mei is a core member of Ku& Dancers. As a dance educator in Taiwan, she has organized workshops for Taiwans various communities and populations, from the physically challenged to opera singers to musicians. She has worked with the National Theater in Taiwan and currently teaches at National Taiwan University of Arts and at Dance Forum Taipei Dance Company.Tap


EunJeong Kim (Korea)
EunJeong Kim is co-founder (director/choreographer) of the On and Off Dance Company (since 2001) together with ChangHo Han. EunJeong is alumna of the SungKyunKwan University and holdsa MFA in Performance / Choreography from the California Institute of Arts. She also did trainingat the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York (Artist Education Program, sponsoredby the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)
Her major works are choreographed pieces like "Dream/Vision" "The Man of the Past" "Bizarre waiting" "There is no sea" "Dance with me!" and Korea-France joint projects such as "The River Marcel" "The Different Piece" and street-based dance pieces like "Club Utopia" "April in Blossom".
In addition, she has also produced and participated in many other pieces both improvised and choreographed, both short and long, including, "Melt, Rust", 'Encounter with the poems of Do, Jong-Whan' "The Road First Taken", Encounter with the poems of Oh, Gyu-Won' "Gazing at the winter forest".
She is active both locally and internationally, touring in Europe and performing in France. She works hard to bring a founding base for the Dance related culture in Korea and also to educate the juniors. For that,EunJeong works on "Saturday Dance Bout" at the Dance Factory, and festivals such as "Dancing Factory" at the Mullae Art Creative Area around the Ironworking regionsevery October of the year,called "The Dawon Art Festival"


ChangHo Han (Korea)
ChangHo is a co-founder (director/choreographer) of the On and Off Dance Company (since 2001) together with EunJeong Kim.
ChangHo is a chief organizer of the Mullae Art Festival, an annual occasion held in Mullae-dong, Seoul.
He has won awards from the Korean Dance Critics Special Awards (First class, 2009) aswell as the Young Choreographer Awards (Excellent Award, sponsored by Dance Association Korea, in 2005).
ChangHo was selected as the First class for MAP Aritst (Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture) and also as the Nurturing Choreographers Service (Art Council Korea sponsored) and the Rising Artist (Art Council Korea) in 2006, and the Young Dancer the Critics Choice.
In 2004, he received Grand Prize for Free Participation at the Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival (heldevery autumn in Gwacheon, Korea)
His major works are such as "In between" "Shadow Flower" "Dance" "Frugal Love" "Asphalt Blues".


Kimiyo Ogawa (Japan)
One of the worlds few women bandoneon players, Kimiyo Ogawa taught herself to play and went to Buenos Aires in 2001 to further her studies. She represented Japan at the 2003 Festival de Cosquin (Argentinas largest music festival) and in 2005 performed at four other official concerts including one at the Museum of La Casa Rosada, the offices of the President of Argentina. Her 2010 tour of Bolivia, Patagonia, and Buenos Aires was also well received.
In 2011, Ogawa invited Argentine pianist Jose Hernan Cibils, who is based in Germany, to tour with her in Japan. They traveled the length of the country from Sapporo to Okinawa in 20 days, performing at a charity concert in the earthquake-stricken northeast.
Ogawa started collaborating with South Korean artists in 2007, working with musicians in various genres in recordings, live performances, and at arts festivals. Also dedicated to teaching, she runs Jabaratai, a bandoneon orchestra.Tap



Victor Choi-wo MA (Hong Kong)
Artistic Director & Founder, Founder of Y-Space in 1995 with Mandy Yim, Victor Ma was a recipient of the Jockey Club Music and Dance Scholarship in 1983 to train with City Contemporary Dance Company. In 1988 he was in the first graduating class of the School of Dance at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). Upon graduation, Victor joined the Hong Kong Ballet as a full-time dancer, and resumed study at HKAPA in 1990, receiving the Hausammann Scholarship (1992) and the Jacky Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship (1993) at the Schools of Drama and Dance, graduating in 1993. In 1996, he received the Asian Cultural Council Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship to conduct research on dance and theatre in the USA. In 2002, he further received the Hong Kong Arts Development Council/University of Leeds Chevening Scholarship, for a Masters degree programme in Performance Studies in the UK.


Mandy Ming-yin YIM(Hong Kong)
Outreach and Education Director & Founder, Mandy Yim was in the first graduating class of the School of Dance at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. After graduating, she worked as a full-time dancer at the Hong Kong Ballet, and at City Contemporary Dance Company in 1990. She was a recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship in 1996 to conduct research on dance and theatre in the USA. Mandys experience in teaching, performance and creating works has spanned four continents.

About Y-Space - Dance artists Victor MA Choi Wo and Mandy YIM Ming Yin established Y-Space in March 1995 in Hong Kong. The aim is to explore the infinite possibilities of performance through dance, and to search for new dance languages and ways of performing. During its 16 years, Y-Space has been dedicated in developing both its roots in local culture as well as an international vision. Its performance works have been presented in both major platforms and fringe spaces in Hong Kong. Y-Space has cultivated spaces for creativity in the local community and schools, with a loyal public following. International invitations and tours have taken Y-Space to 16 cities in 12 countries.
Long-Term Development and Goals of Y-Space: 1. Creating and Performing 2. Cultural and Artistic Exchange 3. Promoting Dance 4. Education and Training

The journey of Y-Space is supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau and the Governement of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region


David Lim (Malaysia)
DAVID LIM is a dance and theatre artist based in Kuala Lumpur. His works have been shown in various venues in Kuala Lumpur such as The National Visual Arts Gallery (Malaysia-Japan Video Art Exchange), MAP @ Publika (Buka Jalan International Performance Art Festival), The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center, The Actors Studio @ Lot 10, Central Market Annexe, Multimedia University, and also in the city of Melaka (Sama-sama Guesthouse Mini Alternative Art Festival). He was the festival organizer for Contact Festival Kuala Lumpur in 2011 and 2012 and has taught contact improvisation workshops in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

David Lim's participation in i-Dance Asian Improvisation Art Exchange 2012 is supported by MyDance Alliance a non-profit organization supporting dance in Malaysia and is the Malaysian chapter of World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific.


Ming-Chu Yu (Taiwan)
Mingchu Yu is a dancer, performer, improvisation teacher in Taiwan.
She enjoys having a close relationship with dance and theatre. In 1999, Yu joined Ku & Dancers, participating in several outdoor performances. She then went to France, where she studied and worked with different choreographers including Yuko Kametami, Erinc and Simon Williams during 2002-2007. She returned to Taipei in 2008 and has been involved in several interdisciplinary projects, besides working with Ku. As a performer, she has participated in:Room,The Pursuit of White Deer&Bathroomwith Flying Group, Love Letter,Li Ling the Abandoned Hero&Dream Diggerwith 1/2 Q Theatre.


I Fen Tung (Taiwan)
BA, Queensland University of Technology. MFA, Graduate Institute of Choreography and Performance, Taipei National University of the Arts. Currently being and independent choreographer and dancer and working across genres of arts. Credits: joint choreographer of Dance Forum Taipei - Brave New World-Window and Perfect Circle (2011). Winner of the performing arts category, SANCF 2010 with For Each Ecstatic Instant. Resident artist in USA and France funded by Taipei Artist Village and Council for Cultural Affairs, ROC in 2006-2007. Attending international artists exchange programs in France, USA, Greece, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, and India from 2006 onward.



Rico (Japan)
Im piano player, composer, arranger, and singer.
I started playing the piano at age 4 and learned a classic piano until graduation from university, and released CD in 1998 as a member of yu-ra from Sony and in 2000 from bella union.
I have been playing improvisation performance with Chico and Shoko from 2007.


Sung Wan Kim (Korea)

Sung Wan Kim (b. 1972), currently the music director at ON&OFF Dance Company, is devoted to the exploration of the intersection between experimental music and performing/visual art. Recently, his composition "The hymn of A republic" for the same titled video of visual artist Jeong Yoon Ahn was premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Rooftopfilms in NewYork, Festival international Signes de nuit in Paris, and Seoul International NewMedia Festival in South Korea. He studied jazz saxophone primarily with Don Braden, Yuri Honing and Michael Moore at Prins Claus Conservatorium in the Netherlands and has worked with improvisers and renowned jazz musicians including Brian Lynch, Conrad Herwig, Steve Altenburg, David Berkman, Owen Hart Jr., Sato Yukie, Kimiyo Ogawa and Bongkyo Lee throughout Europe and Asia in a variety of settings.



Ru Hong Lin (Taiwan)

A dancer, a dance arts administrator, and a psychotherapist.
Ru-Hong Lin received her MA in Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, USA. Lin is a free-lance artist. In 2010 she participated in an improvisation dance performance for Asian Improvisation Art Exchange in South Korea. In 2011 She performed in How Can a small Field for iTrotra 8eme Festival International de Danse Contemporaine in Madagascar, and in R+K in Open-air Banquet event of iDance Taipei 2011 in Taiwan.
Lin has been a free-lance administrator from 2007 and participated in various programs, including Mullae Art Festival in South Korea, International documentary of dance improvisation in Greece, E-Side Festival in Hong Kong, Kirstie Simsons Dance Cambodia project in Cambodia, Summer Dance Festival in Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan, and the Contact Improvisation Festival Japan (CIFJ) in Japan.
After returning to Taiwan in 2004, in addition to engaging the work of dance art, Lin is also a licensed psychotherapist in Taiwan, specializing in psychotherapy, leading workshops and giving speeches.



Celine Bacque (France-Korea)
Graduated from the National Superior Conservatory of Paris as contemporary dancer and from the National Center of Dance as a teacher. Granted by the Foreign Affairs Ministery in 2000 to pursue researches in release and somatic techniques, she started to create and develop her own artistic researches. She performs improvised solos connected to ancient shamanic dances (Han, Nabirynthe, Essential

Elements, Feeding Mind, Flower of Infinity, the Tree) as well as collaboration projects with musicians, actors, video artists She was invited to perform at the I Trotra contemporary Dance Festival, the Contact Improvisation Festival Japan, i-Dance Taipei and i-Dance Hong Kong.
She gives dance improvisation and dance contact workshops internationally (Asia, South America, Europe) to dancers, non-dancers, children and physical challenged persons. She co-directs ET AUSSI dance company since 2007 and co-organizes the i-Dance Asia Improvisation Art Exchange since 2008 with Kim Bong Ho.
She cannot dissociate art from life and love, traveling where the energy brings her. Always redefining boundaries and knowledge, she understands the body mind as an open universal book.

BongHo Kim


BongHo Kim (Korea)

Bong Ho is a co-founder of the Et Aussi Dance Company (since 2007) together with Celine Bacque.
He is active both locally and internationally, creating works, especially, group-based pieces, in Europe, South America and Asia. He is particularly interested in contributing in education for dance, specifically improvisation and expanding networks in Asia.
He is the chief-organizer of the i-Dance Asia Improvisation Artist Exchange, a biennial held in Seoul, Korea. It was first convened in 2008 as a sort of festival with Japan, Taiwan and Korea being the principal axis. Then it grew and broadened with many artists from different countries participating. The exchange itself became much more detailed and settled down itself as a laboratory research where the dancers not only perform together but also discuss and share their thoughts.
BongHo first entered into theatre in 1996 but then switched the direction to dance he worked in various dance companies and improved greatly.
His major works are such as SaeYaSaeYa Socrates falls in love, Dust Memory Transition Fragment

Guest musicians in the performance

Omar Benassila Sbitar(Moroco)

Omar Benassila (Sbitar),born in Casablanca, Morocco. Raised listening to the multicultural moroccan music . Inspired by the deep roots of african music and the spirituality of sufi music. Started shaping his musical skills through improvisation with multiple talented musicians since young age. When he was 20, he left Morocco in thirst for wider range of musical ethnicities, learned how to play different kinds of instruments in south Asia. After settling in Seoul south Korea he became a member of Surisuri Mahasuri band and worked in multiple art projects where he could express his interpretation of music



Composer, guitarist
2002-2005 Band AND, 2005-2008 Band Beard Republic (Paprika) First album , 2007-2010 Yom project - Trust Contemporary Dance Company, Performances Creative Group. Music Director, 2008 ?work with choreographer Ju Jung Min, Kim Gwang Hyeon, Lee Jae Eun. 2012 Leader of the music band Coreyah- 2010The 21st Century Korean Music ?Award, 2011 1st price Young Traditional Music Contest ,
2011 CJ TUNE UP 6-based musicians selected, 2011 Under water Single Album
2012 Belgian World Music Festival "SFINKS MIXED" official invitation


guest Lighting Designer performance
LeeYoung Uk

Lee Young Uk(Korea)

Free Lance Light designer
On and Off Dance company No sea. Utopia
Hye Hyo Seung Dance Company "THE LIFE" moving image "Eclipse",
Sound Art MUNG etc
BLOG :lee200yu.blog.me
The common vision of improvisation dance and improvisation lighting design will be delivered into feelings.
Light and dance breathe together and the most natural lights support dance improvisation.




(Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Malaysia/France)